Elevate your shop Identity


I was thinking on this mornings run about how we succeed. How we take ourselves, our business, our sales and staff to the next level. I was listening to a podcast and the brain started on...

I think we need to constantly be looking to elevate our "identity". What does that mean? How do you do that? 

 Start by looking at your shop, your staff, the industry and those areas that you feel could be elevated. Even the things we do the best- we can always find ways to improve.  

Step back and view your shop as a customer. Look at the entry, interior layout, paint, cleanliness, bathrooms... 

Make sure your working with the best companies;  look at margins, product, delivery...

 Make sure your reps are adding value; responsive, knowledgable about your shop and needs, education...

Hire the best staff. Do they greet customers well? How are they dressed? Do they care about the business succeeding?

Take care and invest in yourself. If you love what you so it will show. 

Then take inventory of areas you would like to improve...

Would you like your shop to have a more modern layout? Do you need a dressing room? Do you want to succeed on social media? Do you wish you had a better website? Is your service shop outdated? How about the staff- do you hold meetings and train them? Do they know the components of a sale? Do they know your products?

Then take action- 

Surround yourself with others that are doing these things well in our industry- ask questions, learn and evolve. Read industry publications, surf online. Ask your brands for help.  

The industry used to have the IBD summit- a gathering of industry and key retailers. It was a great way to network with some of the top shops in the country and ask questions about what POS they use, what brands they work with, tech tips, staff tips, insurance and more...

I miss this show. 

How many of you read Bicycle Retailer? If you do not have a subscription- this is a must do today. Subscriptions are free. All retailers should read this and stay in tune with what is happening in our industry. 

Attend as many shows as you can. 

Go on Linkeden and find those that manage the brands you carry- connect. Get involved. The more you expand your network, the more possibilities you open. 

Step deeper inside the industry. 

The thing that you are today- you can be more of tomorrow. It never stops. Evolution does not end. 

 Choose to elevate your shop identity and evolve. 

The only way you can chase this is if you have a clear vision of what it looks like. 


Heather Mason