Tour De Pink West Coast

Ride in the Tour De Pink with Dama members and survivors on their awarded Bianchi Bicycle.

2019 West Coast: Santa Barbara, CA October 25-27

Young Survival Coalition is the nation’s foremost nonprofit dedicated to providing information, resources, and support to young women affected by breast cancer. YSC’s Tour de Pink is an empowering three-day charity bike ride wherein breast cancer survivors join other cyclists to raise awareness and “take their bodies back” from cancer. , The Survivor Bike Program ensures that young women diagnosed with breast cancer are able to train for and participate in the TdP program by providing them access to a bicycle. Removing this barrier of entry is critical to the success of YSC’s mission to empower young breast cancer survivors.

How YSC Helps Young Survivors

In 2019 YSC has teamed up with Bianchi Bicycles and their Dama Program to raise funds to purchase up to 30 bicycles to award to select recipients to ride in the Tour de Pink with.

Through Tour de Pink, Survivor Bike Program they are able to provide bikes free of charge to young women facing breast cancer. Approximately 30% of participants at each of the rides are breast cancer survivors, and Tour de Pink is more than just a ride for them, it’s an empowering experience to reconnect with their bodies after cancer treatment.

When you donate to the Survivor Bike Program, you not only provide breast cancer survivors with a chance to reclaim their health and bodies after a breast cancer diagnosis, but you also benefit from the halo effect of the nation’s only charity bicycle ride that supports young women affected by breast cancer. What’s more, we are helping to provide an opportunity to support young breast cancer survivors who would otherwise be unable to afford to ride in Tour de Pink.

Kristina Schermer, Survivor Rider

Young breast cancer survivors often face economic hardship because of lack of access to comprehensive health insurance as well as steep medical costs associated with a breast cancer diagnosis. Young survivors are often burdened by student loan debt, are less established in their careers, and lack savings. All of these challenges result in economic hardship that can prevent a young survivor from being able to buy a bike to ride in Tour de Pink.

Bianchi Bicycles felt so strongly that we had to be involved. Its too strong of a difference that we can make not to do something.

Tracy Cameron, Survivor Rider

Together we formed a plan with YSC to connect the program to our Dama team. We made a fundraising page to raise funds for YSC to purchase bikes from Bianchi to award to survivors. $30,000 is 30 bikes, $20,000 is 20- we did not choose a set number- rather I promised that our efforts would yield the best we could.

We were very happy to connect the Bianchi Dama Program to YSC. We feel strongly that it syncs perfect with our desire to get more ladies and riders into the sport and now we can go one step further and campaign to award bikes! The end story of actually riding alongside of the recipients during the event...will leave us all with memories for a lifetime.

Come ride with us!

Heather Mason