N Plus 1 Boston Midnight Marathon Ride powered by Bianchi

Listen my riders, and you shall hear

Of a midnight ride, plus pizza and beer!

On the fourteenth of April, at half past eleven

We will ride to the marathon finish line from mile seven

Join us for the ride, and then come and cheer!

Join members of the Bianchi Dama Team for the midnight ride along the Boston Marathon Course! We will meet at N+1 Cyclery, in Framingham, and ride to the marathon start line and back - 38 miles total. After the ride, there will be food and drinks - so you can get your carbs in, whether or not you are planning to run 26 miles the next day!

The Boston Marathon is the running equivalent of the Tour de France in cycling. Almost every great marathoner has run down these same streets at some point. Besides the elites, there are thousands of recreational runners who work for years to qualify for it. It is also the world's oldest marathon, first held in 1897.

While the ride will be at a relaxed pace, there will be an opportunity to race to a hilltop finish at the actual start line! Winner gets a bag of branded goodies from Bianchi & N+1 Cyclery. Appropriately, Bianchi is the oldest brand of bike in the world - the only brand that was already manufacturing bicycles when the first Boston Marathon was run!

N+1 Cyclery will also be doing a BBQ on Marathon Monday, so don't forget to come back and cheer for the runners in the morning!

N Plus 1 Cyclery

57 Waverly Street
Framingham, MA 01702

Heather Mason