Local "Ride with Heather" Group Youth MTB Ride

Join on the local Luther Park Trails for an anyone can join session designed for youth ages 8-12. This will be a slow roll, stop and try, learn on bike session. Riders should plan to bring water bottle and a properly equipped bicycle and helmet. Prior to each ride, there will be a bike and gear safety chat and inspection.

Ride starts at 6pm, riders should be ready to ride by 5:50. Ride will last until 7:15pm.

This is a beginner ride and parents are encouraged to tag along with those who are less than 5 rides comfortable. This ride is good for bikes 24 inch and up with proper suspension and gearing.

Trailhead information is here: https://www.mtbproject.com/trail/840950/luther-forest

If you have a question about gear and skills prior, please email heather at heathrmase@gmail.com

This is a non affiliated, no fee drop in style experience. Adults are welcome to ride and anyone is welcome to join.

Heather Mason