Farm to Fork Berkshires Recap

Sometimes weekends leave you lingering and reflecting back well after the weekend has past. This past weekend spent at the Hancock Shaker Village in Pittsfield, Massachusetts taking part in the Wrenegade Sports Farm to Fork Fondo Berkshires edition was just that.

Bianchi Bicycles has been a sponsor of the Farm to Fork Fondo events for multiple years. The events attract hundreds of riders from the entire United States. From veteran pros to first time "event" goers there is a mix of happy, hungry ready for some fun cyclists.

The Bianchi Tent acted as host to not only the riders, but regional dealers, several damas and as rider mechanical support for the weekend, with our partnership with Per Rosenkvist and FSA Tech Support.

We had several dealers from the Northeast join us for the event weekend. We hosted a finger food reception under the tent during rider check in on Saturday evening and then again a Bianchi Breakfast Sunday pre ride. Dealers from Maine, Vermont, Massachusetts and Rhode Island had a great opportunity to join into the event, ride with us, and meet consumers and damas while interacting with the brand. It was a great experience to spend so much time surrounded in a sea of celeste.

It has been a theme for the 2019 season to gather the Bianchi owners present at the event and take a group photo. This photo sums up the exposure that we have gained over the years working with the Farm to Fork Fondos...It leaves me with goosebumps to think about how real interaction with people; genuine kindness, builds family and brand trust and most of all encourages others to take part. Our partnership with Wrenegade Sports has proven that consistency with event sponsorship is key. Bianchi owners love our support of the event and continue to come back and join us under the tent.

Reflected in the email I received this morning from a wonderful couple I was able to connect with this past weekend;

Hi Heather,
Audrey and I wanted to thank you again for your great hospitality at the Berkshires Farm to Fork Fondo this past weekend.
Perhaps we will have the opportunity to meet up at another event in sometime 2020.
Best regards
Russ and Audrey ElliotLexington, MA

We had several of our Dama team members at the event. The team not only spent the weekend under the tents, bikes on display; chatting with consumers- but out on course interacting on a deeper level with riders. Several riders found their way to me following the event and commented on how kind and helpful the damas were and thanked us for being at the event

The weekend combined great food, wonderful fall weather, dealers, damas, and 600 of our soon to be closest friends. Wrenegade Sports does a fantastic job placing Bianchi Bicycles front and center at each event. Of course I was sure to bring out an eye popping dress for such occasion;

Event weekends are a great way to connect Bianchi to consumers in a out of retail environment. I loved that this weekend we were able to connect the dots and bring dealers and damas in to share in the experience.

This upcoming weekend I will be in NJ, at the Tour De Pink East Coast Event. Bianchi Bicycles partnered with YSC this year to award more than 25 bikes to cancer survivors. Several damas will be riding in the 3 day event as ride marshals, providing aid, encouragement and help as needed.

Keep being amazing, memorable and dropping your authentic self into every situation you find yourself in. It is wonderful to work with Bianchi Bicycles and event recaps like this continue to remind me just how special the brand and team we surround ourselves with is.


Heather Mason