Can you spot the road bike?

Challenges to ride daily make bringing the right weapon to the fight important. Would you show up to make Kool-aid with no pitcher? The weather in the Northeast demands, hardened souls and a WTF attitude. Suit up, hop on and go. Its so funny the expressions on peoples faces, or when they ask how far and my lame response of 6 miles, flabbergasts them. “I could never”. Lol. Come on…if you could never ride 6 miles..your not living..really? push yourself just a little. To me, cold air reminds me that I am alive. The simple feeling of coldness on my cheeks is an indicator that I can feel, and if I am feeling then I am at least experiencing something. Give me bitter cold over just sitting somewhere. So when I enter the snow covered woods on a road bike, and go to prop the bike up to clean out my cleat from frozen slush and the bike falls into and becomes absorbed by fluffy white snow..I smile. This is great- I may have brought the wrong weapon today, but damned if I care..because I have experienced for the first time, loosing my road bike in a snow pile, and maybe few can say that..

Ride on.

Heather Mason