Bianchi Basics of Bike Repair Dama Class

Join Dama team member Sidney Lanier at Mello Velo Bicycle Shop in Syracuse for a Ladies only repair class.

This event is part of a Bianchi Basics of Bike Repair Series;

This is an intro class for beginners. Bring your own bike and learn bike anatomy, how to fix flats on the road, and other useful stuff. $10 participation fee includes a free drink ticket at the cafe and 10% off the community wrench bench, but we will have flat fix kits and other tools available for purchase, so that you can leave with everything you need to fix a flat on the go.

You can totally just watch and listen, but hands-on is often the easiest way to learn and become comfortable. It is also helpful if you bring your own bike to work on. Optional materials include: tire levers, bike pump, tubes, bead seater, chain checker, chain lube, penetrating oil, cleaner/degreaser... etc.

FEBRUARY 15TH CLASS IS DAMA NIGHT: Ladies only repair classes that night!!

Heather Mason