Dripping sweaty goodness.

One of the greatest lessons I have ever learned, has been self taught, one of the greatest things in life, cannot be bought, or given as a gift. It is not something we can pay someone for, not a service, or an ornament. One of the greatest things we can give ourselves, is a good sweat. A really good sweat, a vigorous, revitalizing sweat. Never have I been unkindly rewarded. Sure it may hurt, or it may be fun, but in the end, I am always smiling and basking in my own stinky smell, dazzled by the endorphins pulsating thru my body, my legs shaking, heart racing, eyes glazed over, and soul whipping around in every direction. Whether this feeling hits you as you hit stop on the treadmill, walk to your car from the gym, turn the corner on your bike to your house, hit the final 1.2 mile stretch on your run, or take that final om breath at yoga class, it is a lesson that everyone
should be taught.

Heather Mason