Ride with a Dama at Raid LAMOILLE

Join the Bianchi Bicycles Dama team members at Raid Lamoille on the 25 mile ride option. Riding as a group, at a group pace 10-14 MPH average, the Damas will motivate and encourage you to completion of this epic ride. NOTE: Raid Lamoille registration requires a minimum pace, just select the minimum - even if you are typically slower - and don't worry, we'll get you to the finish line (and party:) Anyone who has ridden 15 miles should feel confident of riding with them to completion of this event. Join the Dama team 20 minutes before ride start for a pre-ride "get your mind right visualization session". This session is guaranteed to get you in the zone! Post ride we will be celebrating with some ride reflections and Italian snacks.

Registration information here: http://raidlamoille.com/

Heather Mason