One way to keep momentum going is to have constantly greater goals.
— Michael Korda

Current Business Development NE United States at Bianchi USA

Current National Dama Program Coordinator at Bianchi Dama Ambassador Team

Current Bicycle Waist Pack Designer at Tough Traveler Ltd.

President Butts on Bikes Inc.

Mountain Bike Skills Coach

Learn to Ride Youth Speciality Coach

Former National Sales Manager at Ridley Bikes

Former National Sales Manager at Eddy Merckx Bikes

Former Managing Director/ Coach at HRRT


I started working in the bike industry when I was 18 years old. It started with a local shop in my area, simply unpacking and hanging clothes, then merchandising, then building 12 and 16 inch Kent bikes. Eventually that turned to sales, and service and then Management. 15 years later, I was Head of Operations, managing all aspects of 4 locations. I became a bike mechanic and ski technician. I attended management courses, sales clinics, city board meetings, and marketing classes. I studied and learned accounting and public relations. I analyzed broadcasting and print media to understand the market and the value of advertisement. I engrossed myself in commercial roofing, investments, employee rights, supply and freight.  After 15 years, my portfolio grew. 

Eventually I opened my own athlete focused Bike Shop and launched a formalized Bicycle Club Promotion Business, which transformed into one of the largest bike clubs in the Northeast US, hosting multiple bicycle races and events annually.  I co-founded a non for profit, called Butts on Bikes, focused on getting more people into the sport. 

I held both NICA, and USAC coaching certifications for several years and became a specialized youth and female instructional leader. I hosted many learn to ride clinics, ditch the training wheels and beginner and intermediate MTB skills sessions. I still love to coach today.

I shifted focus a few years ago, connecting myself to top brands in the industry.  This shift has allowed me to broaden my scale. To work as a representative in the industry bringing my knowledge bank to the local bicycle shop entrepreneur.

I started racing when I was 13 years old. My father, who is my greatest influencer introduced me to the sport. It was fun for me to find a freedom in the woods, the way the trail would come at me and then flow past. I loved the speed, the bruises, the blood. I loved the equipment. I push myself in anything I do, and this was no different. I found 24 hour racing, and loved the limits that racing solo took the body to. It was hardcore, it was survival. I entered several races, and it became not only finishing, it became, not stopping, pushing for speed, taking the podium stop. I became known as the fastest solo female in the nation for several years. I set a record for fastest female lap overall at every race I entered. I took to the world championships twice with a best 9th finish.

I took a few years off from top level competitive racing while my kids were born and just in school. I did not stop racing fully, still competing in several mountain bike stage races, 50 mile plus endurance trail runs, and fondo style events. I also focused on coaching athletes and kids to ride during this time.

I love to coach kids and adults with on the bike skills. I currently work with many athletes on bike and meet them in their local trails to help them push past their current comfort level. I am available for one on one sessions or group sessions based on your needs. Please email me to learn more about working with me via the contact page.

In 2019, I want my love of pushing personal boundaries and exploration on the bike to be contagious. Check the calendar for a “Ride with a Dama” or “Ride with Heather” event. These events will be fun focused, full of surprises and made for participation!


Top Results

24 Hour Solo World Championships, Whistler, B.C. -  9th Pr0 Woman - 2004

24 Hour Solo World Championships, Whistler, B.C.- 15th Pro Woman- 2003

BC Bike Race- 3rd Masters female, 13th overall

Breck Epic- 3rd- Duo Open

Xterra S.C. Trail Ultra 32 miler- 1st female, course record

24 hours of Snowshoe- 1st Elite/Pro Woman

24 Hours Cutler, 1st 5 person team, fastest solo female lap

24 Hours Big Bear, 1st Pro Female, fastest solo female lap

24 Hours Burn, 1st Pro Female, fastest solo female lap

24 Hours Old Pueblo, 1st Pro Female, fastest solo female lap

24 Hours of Killbuck Mountain Bike Race- 1st Woman Pro/Elite

24 Hours Allamuchy- 2nd Pro Female

24 Hours Temecula, 3rd pro female, fastest solo female lap

24 Hours Moab, 4th Pro Female

12 Hours Saratoga (On Road)- 1st Pro/Elite Female, 2nd Overall

Brazos Bend 50 mile Ultra Run- 4th female overall, 8:29

Fort Cinch 50 miles Ultra Run- 60 miles- 2nd female overall

Vermont 50 mile ultra run- 4th place female

Umstead 50 mile Endurance run- 2nd Female, 4th Overall

The bicycle is where I go to give my mind time to dream up the yet unthought of.