Heather Mason
Photo Credit @ BC Bike Race/Todd Weselake

Photo Credit @ BC Bike Race/Todd Weselake

We are all capable of doing epic shit. Capable of pushing ourselves outside of our comfort zone and achieving more. We just need to believe it to see it. My life has continually unfolded in the most amazing direction because I refuse to say no or be afraid. Stop being afraid. Choose a path or goal and start moving towards it. My father is an alpinist. He taught me to always be the lead climber; to be free to follow your most trusted hearts known path and move freely, gracefully, confident. Today, tomorrow and the next- I will always be the lead climber. Join me at an event in 2019 and I promise to help you push through whatever holds you back and get you to your goal.

Heather is a leading force in the bicycle industry. A once top ranked endurance mountain biker, Heather is now leading the development of the popular Bianchi Dama Program. She has a rich history of race promotion, club development, coaching and entrepreneurship. She has built a strong personal brand through Industry affiliations, social media influence, motivational writing, retailer events, and coaching programs. Through her stories she brings energy, motivation, positivity, and experience to any event.  

Join Heather and the Bianchi Dama Team at an Event near you!

From registering for an event and experiencing the fun of riding with other passionate ladies or following Heather during a 300 mile epic, we promise to inspire you, check the tour page for a whole year of opportunity.

Come ride, laugh, form everlasting friendships and find a renewed passion.

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